Paid Employment at Home

Paid Employment at Home

One of the challenges with Mental Health Recovery is we can't always work full time and we can't always add travel time to our day. Remote jobs, where we can literally work from home via a computer and/or phone have come a long way.

Part of our recovery requires that we can afford our recovery! I've put together a list of websites and their links that offer paid employment from home. There's sure to be something that fits your requirements, plus I've added in some hot tips to think about before you begin looking for the job. Plus now the resource includes a free V.A. Course! If you've ever wondered how to become a Virtual Assistant you can take Holly's completely free course and begin a whole new career for yourself!

I'll be adding to the list with more websites as they become known to me plus I will also be adding in extra services you may need i.e. resume writer over time. For now, my best wishes as you go through the list currently running at 3 pages worth of websites!

Blessings and dreams,


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