Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book
Trauma Informed Movement E-Book

Trauma Informed Movement E-Book

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"Amongst these pages you will discover user friendly Neurological information to assist in this part of your Recovery to Remission path.

You are not alone and I wish you every success."

Blessings & Dreams, they do come true! ~ Linda

Would you like to be fully focused, have consistent productivity in your day to day life, be able to keep your thoughts focused all day, and increasingly reduce anxiety, being triggered and having depression?   

Due to the overwhelm in our childhood from Adverse Childhood Experiences parts of our brain need to be retrained to work together in order to decrease the alarm response in our deep unconscious, create new neural pathways and be able to recognise and reduce the anxiety and depression triggers in our brain.

Trauma Informed Movement is one part of our recovery to remission path, one part that has been vital for my return to health. Without it I would not have the ability to focus for my work, not have an increased ability to sleep and more. (Linda)

The Science: These symptoms occur when our brain perceives a lack of safety in our environment irrespective of whether it's true as an adult or not. The primitive part of our brain signals other areas of the brain to go into fight/flight/freeze mode in order to protect us.

This trigger developed deep in our brains, at a time in our lives where we felt overwhelmed. When we had neither the language nor ability to understand and process what was happening to us and/or around us.

Now, as Adults though, the trigger becomes incredibly frustrating, causing us to have an anxiety attack or depression attack out of the blue. Why is the past effecting us now when we have the ability to feel safe, happy and content?

Why does our brain not get on board with our lives, here, and now? How can we get our brain retrained not to have the trigger response and enjoy living our best lives?

The Book: Join me as you become equipped to -

* Learn why Trauma Informed Movement can help you increase your Executive Functions: Focus, perception, planning ability,  emotional regulation, body regulation, fear modulation backed by the science

* Understand the important role of our Prefrontal Cortex

* The how, when and where of Trauma Informed Movement

* Instructions for the FB group

* The significant role of our Medial Prefrontal Cortex and it's importance in our recovery to remission journey

* Learn about our Window of Tolerance, Hypoarousal and Hyperarousal and the difference each has on Trauma Informed Movement (infographics and video)

* A conversation with a new client about Trauma Informed Movement and Loneliness.

pdf 32 pages + free pdf read/write application

"I developed Trauma Informed Movement for my brain to create new neural pathways, restore executive functions and give me the ability to live my life minus triggers with increased focus. Without Trauma Informed Movement I'd still be unable to focus for an entire day,be regaining my executive functions, lose weight, and more. It is definitely contributing to my ability to regain my social life and live a full life again." 

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