Grab a Cuppa (Breaking the Silence)

Grab a Cuppa (Breaking the Silence)

Located in this world is a soul as silent as yours once was. They've experienced the worst of the world from the people closest to them and have no idea how to turn their trauma into a transformed, authentic life. They've yet to come home to our online global family and break their silence.

We can't see them but we know they are there, we've been in the darkness of a heart so broken by those whose responsibility it was to keep us safe. And now we're walking our own transformed life, one step at a time.

With 5.2m Americans living with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and

70% of Americans suffering a traumatic event in their lifetime and 

27%of those with PTSD attempt suicide we are the generation who have work to do


And here's where we come in. You and I. For a survivor to first feel safe to reach out and break free, our online family is a safe port of call. It's free, it's educational, and it's emotionally safe. As they begin to feel safe they can then begin to seek the help they need. First they need to know WE exist for them.

How does buying a coffee help break the silence? 

Each coffee helps to keep the group running with emotional safety, helps to keep Linda learning and educating both our online community and in public forums. It gives us the ability to keep up with the latest scientific research in order to equip all of us in our recovery. It will go on to help those around the world to know we are a safe place they can reach out to and feel safe to begin their recovery journey and initiate change for the generations to come.

The bigger picture

Long term, the bigger picture, our coffees are going to contribute towards building safe communities for single parents and their children. To house and educate them to break the intergenerational trauma, break the toxic and dysfunctional family systems we've had for too many generations.

If our online global community and education has impacted your recovery, is helping you recover and you would like to help the silent majority then we'd love you to buy a coffee and help break the silence.

Thank you for being willing to participate in a vision bigger than you, to help the silent majority and have yet to find their voice. They will thank you one day too.


Blessings and dreams,


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