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Feet, Hit the Floor

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Life Manual for Transformed Sleep

 Do you experience the impossibility of going to sleep every night?

 Are you waking up more tired than when you went to bed?

 Do you wake after falling asleep with Anxiety?

 Are you ready to take action?

Feet, Hit the Floor is unique. As you work through each step you begin the process of taking back your sleep and taking back your daily routine. Both your sleep and your daily routine begin to stop being a mountain you have to conquer night and day, day and night.

You will experience - 

 Order where there was chaotic, deep pressure

 Taking back your daily routine peacefully

 Overcoming your self-sabotaging techniques

These experiences will happen daily as you - 

 Complete the step by step process for sleep

 Complete a planner for your day and understand why it's necessary

 Bring into your consciousness your deeper triggers

 Receive information and be equipped on the different layers of being able to get out of bed and feel wholly rested. Without education and equipping you cannot break the cycle.

 Included are Linda's hot tips for getting to sleep PLUS extra worksheets you can print out.

Frequently Asked Questions

# Can Feet, Hit the Floor help me with the work I'm doing at Therapy?

Answer: Yes. You can print out the worksheets and take them with you to therapy. Your therapist will provide further insight for you personally, and you can ask for individualised strategies as well.

# Do I need to print the worksheets out?

Answer: That's purely your choice. My suggestion is that you do so as writing on paper is a cognitive function and can help us with focusing on what we are doing.

# Can I order the workbook printed?

Answer: Yes! It is available here Feet, Hit the Floor Book. Alternatively you can print the pdf file at home or send the file online to your local printer. This is available only for those who purchase the ebook.

# Can I work with you online?

Answer: Yes, you can. I work globally online. My contact details and the booking page are Here.

Please feel welcome to message me if you have any questions. Alternatively, I have a vast range of videos on YouTube that can assist you at this time. You can visit my YouTube channel here.

Are you ready to achieve consistent sleep? Purchase below and the electronic file will be emailed immediately to you.

Blessings and dreams, 


Life Manual: Feet, Hit the Floor ~ 28 Pages Ebook