Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?
Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?

Leaflet: Complex Ptsd?

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It's time to take action. 

Time to share your business.

Time to reach your ideal customers.

Time to use your voice and expertise.

This Designer Leaflet assists you to connect with potential clients and let your community online or offline know about your business.

It's Cost Effective and Saves You Time.

Add your Business Details to the specially Designed Complex Ptsd Business Leaflet, print, fold and you're ready to share


Add your business details and share on Social Media and via your business emails.

- The Leaflet helps you inform potential clients of possible symptoms without you being present giving them time to absorb the information then reach out to you.

- Encourages conversations with the visual information to hand -  Visual information is important for Complex Ptsd clients.

- You'll find it easy to apply your Business Branding,  print out and fold into a trifold professional brochure. You can leave the brochure at your local Doctors, Dentists, Mental Health Care Professionals, Women's Centre's, Day Care/Preschools, Schools and more!

- Think of all the places where your preferred customer might visit. 

- Do a letterbox drop locally. Add it into your Newsletter for clients to share. 

- Include it on all your Social Media sites. 

- Add to your Business Email Newsletter 

- Carry a couple wherever you go to share your information and help educate about Complex Ptsd.


This Time-Saving Package Includes -

- 8 predesigned templates for your business, just add your business name and contact details, plus an image, print, fold and you're ready to go OR download straight from Canva and add to your Social Media. People love information.

- You can change any or all details, i.e. fonts, colours, information, graphics to suit your needs.

- Opens straight into Canva for you to add your Business Branding

(Don't be afraid to experiment with branding colours. It took me a year to finally settle on my logo and branding colours.)

- You can email your leaflet to your local printer if available in your area for speedy printing.

- Instructions for Canva in your Download.

Best Wishes for Your Success!