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Individual Complex Trauma Consultations

I offer one on one private consultations with clients who find anxiety and/or depression is interrupting their ability to live their fullest life. Typically, I work with my clients weekly or fortnightly, according to their needs. I do all of my Recovery Coaching via the Zoom App or FB Messenger Video Chat. Payments and bookings are conveniently made via the website.

Currently, I have the following available for you:

One hour Consulting & Strategy Planning Session 

We meet via the Zoom App or FB Messenger Video Chat to talk about where you are in your anxiety recovery, identify personalised strategies and set an action plan for you to move forward. At the end of our session you'll have a set of steps you know you can implement to begin to focus on a healthier and happier you.

 Connect Here: Complex PTSD Session

Complex Ptsd Recovery Group

We meet online in the FB Group Complex Ptsd Recovery Come and join a great group of people who will be your greatest cheer squad! You'll have access to 39 units worth of information on all manner of Mental Health topics, plus videos daily Monday to Friday to inspire and encourage you to keep taking the one next step in your recovery journey.

Awakening Your Soul


Awakening Your Soul is a 9 week recovery course to help you answer the  questions "who am I?" "why am I here" and to equip you with the ability to discover your internal dialogue and recognise the order of your internal and external dialogue. Without this, we cannot begin to recover at increasingly deeper levels, know who I am and discover why I am here.

The course will be run 4 times a year online beginning in 2019.

All details can be discovered here: Awakening Your Soul

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