Welcome To The Recovery Sanctuary for Complex PTSD.

It’s my sincere hope that throughout the pages found here, inside the FB groups, the blog and the YouTube Channel you will discover practical tips, knowledge, products and services that will assist you to achieve great leaps in your Complex PTSD recovery journey.

Life is not meant to be done alone, we as humans are designed for connection and to belong. You will discover 3 FB groups equipped with many units of informaiton, articles & videos, plus individuals who chose to do life together all around the globe. Come and join us as we do life, laugh and support and encourage each other and do recovery, together.

Knowledge is Power and everything I can do to equip you with I will as life is too short to not be aiming for a loving and fulfilled life, despite our beginnings or the interruption of trauma. Resources for everything from Complex PTSD plus a variety of Mental Health areas, Relationships, Single Life, Parenting and much more are posted in FB Groups daily to assist you. Global friendships and support for the tougher days are also a great source of strength to keep you on track for your goals and pursuing your recovery.

I'm available as a Qualified  Counsellor who specialised in Solution Focused Therapy and I'm currently doing my Trauma Recovery Coaching certification plus I've literally walked the Complex PTSD recovery pathway successfully. I'm available either 1:1 or in mentoring in FB groups with a small monthly subscription. I also run a free Facebook group.

Take your time, enjoy this space and reach out as needed and when you are ready to be free from the effects of trauma in your life.

Blessings and dreams,

Linda Meredith

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