Soul Soothing Meditation



Are you fed up with being overtired, not being able to sleep?

Feel like Anxiety is ruining your daily life?                              

Lack of people who understand your pain?

Depression is robbing you of joy? 

A Chaotic mind keeps you from focusing?

 Frustrated with a lack of acceptance?



The doors to the exclusive Soul Soothing Meditation room are Now Open

Your Exclusive Membership - 

 Gives you 2 Soul Soothing Meditation experiences every week. The Soul Soothing Meditations are live and recorded for you to use as often as you like. (Value $160)

 Offering you unique strategies and tools to thrive daily (Value $90)

  Providing you with the space to ask Me your questions and gain a personalised answer after the 2 Weekly Soul Soothing Meditations (Value $80)

 39 Units of Videos and Articles to keep your Body, Soul & Spirit informed and growing (Value $297)

 Experience a place of acceptance, connection, peace and clarity (Value ~ Priceless)

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is Membership Available Globally?

Yes! ALL individuals determined to Thrive are welcome.

What Currency are the Services and Products?

Australian Dollars, brilliant if you live overseas with the current exchange rates!

 Why is the group economical?

I believe good, healthy information for recovery needs to be cost effective. I've been there and done the hard yards for you and know how long recovery can take. We're here together for the duration, not the quick fix that never works.

 Will the Soul Soothing Meditation complement my current Therapy?

Check with your Therapist firstly. Know that Meditation and the techniques I teach you specialised for Complex Ptsd will assist you in Therapy journey and are scientifically proven to assist you to Thrive.

 What are the scheduled times for the Meditations?

 Brisbane, Australia every Tuesday night at 7pm            

CDT Every Tuesday night at 7pm

How to Know if Group is Your Next Step

Read through the testimonials of people who have worked with me hereTestimonials

Spend some time on my YouTube Channel to see how I teach and share with you and the group - YouTube

Enjoy some blog posts to see if gain wisdomBlog Posts

 I look forward to walking alongside you as you Thrive!


Cost: $10 per week via Subscription 

Where: Facebook Group Soul Soothing Meditations

How: Once your subscription is paid follow this link to Soul Soothing Meditations, click Join Now and I'll admit you to the group!

When: Brisbane, Australia 7pm Tuesday night

CDT (America) 7pm Tuesday night

 Please Note: I'm in Brisbane, Australia currently and you'll be admitted immediately I'm available. Thank you!

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