Linda Meredith ~ Professionally

Professional Qualifications:
Diploma Counselling -  Specialising in Solution Focused Therapy
Certification Trauma Recovery Coach (International Accreditation) Currently completing study
Over 30 years ago I began asking questions, feeling like something was missing from my life and occasionally feeling an emptiness, a void, inside of me. Employed as an Accounts Clerk for a major Advertising Agency in Sydney, Australia. I was fortunate the owners brought a personal development program to Australia which existed only in America at that time.
In 1996 I began my own small business at home around the children. I held meditation classes, developed and taught Awakening Your Soul, and developed and taught weekend workshops as requested. I also spoke in churches as requested and spent many hours studying any book or video I could find. My earliest journeys with books were Pia Melody Facing Codependence and all of John Bradshaw's work played an important role in understanding my family.
Part of my recovery from Complex Ptsd has included completing my Diploma of Counselling and plus currently I'm completing my Trauma Recovery Coaching Certificate. Both professional qualifications add to my natural ability to Coach people through trauma. Plus I am also mentored and I am professionally accountable for my work. 
Working with Trauma clients, for me, is singularly the most rewarding work. I believe in my clients, I believe they know the way through and my ability to educate, equip and experience life with my clients is something I hold sacred. Every day I continue to study and equip myself in order that my clients have the latest information plus strategies to help further their recovery. 
Science also is now proving what I have believed and practised personally for decades. We have to be the change for the generations to come because the trauma in families is passed down genetically (epigenetics). I began my professional journey with the attitude if I could help just one person my job would be done. When I began, there was no internet highway like today, brimming with information, but I'm ever grateful that there are now many more answers to help us in recovering from Trauma.
Working with you is something we decide between us. We'll meet on Zoom App (free of charge) and discuss your goals. Predominately I work with women who are committed to seeking answers in a timely manner and who consistently put into place the necessary steps to overcome the challenges created by their traumatic experience/s. I'm here to walk beside you and help you achieve your desired recovery.
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