Professional Qualifications:

Diploma Counselling - Specialising in Solution Focused Therapy/Art Therapy


 Certified Trauma Recovery Coach IAOTRC


Treating Trauma Master Series - NICABM 


Expert Strategies for Working with Anxiety - NICABM 


Working With Core Beliefs of “Never Good Enough” - NICABM 


Why the Vagal System Holds the Key to the Treatment of Trauma - NICABM 

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In 1996 I began my own business from home. I held meditation classes, developed and taught my signature course Awakening Your Soul, and developed and taught weekend workshops as requested. I also spoke in churches as requested and spent hours studying any book or video I could find. I was literally seeking answers that science hadn't yet discovered.
All professional qualifications and continuing education combined with my own journey through recovery add to my natural ability to Consult with Individuals and Businesses in relation to Complex Trauma. I am also mentored and professionally accountable for my work. 
I am so appreciative of Science now proving and providing language for Complex Trauma recovery. Understanding Complex Trauma can be passed down genetically (epigenetics) I believe we need to continue to learn and be the change for the generations following after us. I'm eternally grateful for the internet and online learning opportunities and for the answers to help us in recovering from Complex Trauma.