Complex Ptsd FB Recovery Group


A highly engaged & supportive community for walking through Complex PTSD Recovery.

You'll find Units inside the group for continued education, Linda, group creator, Counsellor/Trauma Recovery Coach, is in group daily and provides information on the biology, psychology, emotions and relational material for Complex PTSD plus encouragement and insight. You'll also find admins that care about you and encourage you, and you'll discover friends from all around the world who genuinely care about you.

We do tips, videos, global friendships and support all in a safe environment and Linda looks increasingly to how we can do more fun things together online as we grow in our personal development. Mental Health Challenges? No worries, we welcome everyone, from every walk of life to do life with us!

If you're looking for a place to connect and walk through life together, then welcome home!


Join Here: Complex PTSD/PTSD FB Group