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Certified Complex Trauma Coaching


Complex Ptsd, the result of Adverse Childhood Experiences, can affect many areas of our adult life.  As adults, we can experience a decline in our health unresolved trauma, stress at work, unmanageable stress at home and relationships falling apart no matter how hard we tried to remain together. Our mask is permanently in place separating us and others from our internal world.

The answers to "Who am I" or "Why am I here" are yet to be answered.

Add to these stressors the overwhelming thoughts and emotions, the always present threats of anxiety attacks and depression, along with the ever present fear if we're not perfect, we're not safe. Combine all of this with the hidden, internal, deep pressure and we find ourselves daily pondering how we're going to place one foot in front of the other.

At night we don't sleep, we question why can't I just feel alive? Feelings of guilt and shame implode under pressure and we wonder how could we do things differently? The answer is we can't, not yet. Our childhood neurological wiring has impacted  our brain development and we hold onto a lot of stress deep in our unconscious and other parts of our brain and body. What we need is assistance to feel safe, we need language to help us identify and explore our internal world and we need the interpersonal relationship a coach provides to break free. 

The decision to begin financially efficient and time effective recovery with a Certified Trauma Recovery Coach rests with us. Complex Trauma Coaching is financially efficient and time effective for a number of reasons. It's financially efficient because it takes less time than Talk Therapy and there are more options available for recovery. Talk therapy is scientifically proven not to be effective with Complex Ptsd. I've had clients who've spent decades in Talk Therapy, spend a month with me, and the difference in their lives is something they celebrate. (Read Client Reviews here)

Complex Trauma Coaching is interpersonal. This means you don't go away wondering what it is you don't know and we don't sit with long periods of silence, we get recovery happening. I'm able to help you know what you need during our session because I've literally walked the journey myself and studied as well.

Each session you're provided with personalised strategies, structure and support, equipping you to know how to navigate the changes you're looking to make. I provide you with a booklet so your goals are in front of you and you can keep track daily. Coaching is effective, you won't be with me for years, and the nature of the coaching relationship means you can come and go as you need too. Unlike formalised Therapy where you start and end with a therapist and never see them again.

Talk therapy is necessary when we need to be stabilised. Combining Talk Therapy and Coaching is possible too. Your stage of recovery will determine what you feel will work for you. See here for the different stages of recovery. I work with clients who are proactive in their recovery and want to break free into building their purpose driven life. My aim with Coaching is to see you well, and living a whole, healthy life, minus anxiety and depression and no more dissociation. All of which are possible to learn skills around breaking free from. Whilst the triggers can be unconscious we can train our brain to head down different pathways, new pathways, created as we do the recovery work.


What happens in a Coaching Session?


Your initial coaching session is an intake session combined with a strategy session for the next week. I have legal requirements as a professional I need to meet plus your history helps identify where you are today and what you will need going forward. 

We Do Not go back over the past in any depth. Doing so is counterproductive with Complex Ptsd and has the potential to retraumatise you. You are already reliving the trauma every day in your body, therefore, you do not need to revisit any trauma.

Complex Trauma Coaching is to equip you with tools, educate you with language and personal understanding and encourage you to take the next one step with the education and equipping. I will be your placeholder as you recover.

At the end of the session we devise a new strategy for what you need in your life now, you record the strategy and take the strategic steps in between the coaching sessions. Support is also important for what you are experiencing in the here and now. There are times when you need to talk in order to regain order for the next one step. I will meet you with what you need in each session and I will ensure you keep moving forward towards your goals.


Can you work with a therapist and a coach at the same time? Yes, and you can also include your therapy and coaching with other practitioners also. I have a number of clients who work with their therapist and with me, and the results are highly effective.

How often are my appointments? Depending on where you are in recovery will be the determining factor. Most clients work with me weekly to get into the rhythm and then drop back to fortnightly when they're ready. You will know exactly what you need and I will support your decisions.

Am I ready for Trauma Coaching? The answer lies in are you determined to become alive and unpack your authentic self? Most of my clients find me when they've tried everything else and it hasn't worked. More often than not clients have spent many years in therapy and are fed up with minimal to no progress. Others have spent years in recovery believing that's all that life will hold for them.

Feel welcome to discuss what you need with me via my FB Messenger. You'll find I never push anyone due to years of experience. When you're ready you're ready, so it's safe to have a chat with me. 

How long does Recovery take?  I can't be specific here as Complex Ptsd is an individual journey needing to take into account many different factors, for example, the stage of recovery you are at today, how the events in your life impacted you, the work you've done up until now and more. The longest a client worked with me was 7 months and by then they were ready to return to work after having been unable to work due to a breakdown. 


My experience shows your hard work combined with coaching produces results you can see rapidly. How? I've lived it, literally. Everything I teach you and coach you to experience in your daily life works because I've used it effectively myself.

Do you have other questions? Please feel welcome to message me at LindaMeredith.Org

 Are you ready to work with me?



Step 1. Book and Pay for your Appointment in the calendar below this information. You'll receive an email confirming your appointment for 50 minutes duration plus a link for our Zoom Meeting. Download the Zoom App (its free) if needed.

Step 2. You can connect with me via email or my FB Page. I'm happy for you to message my personal FB Profile for you to feel comfortable. 

Step 3. I will email you my Business Policy and Procedures for you to sign. Follow the instructions for signature and return via the email upon completion. This keeps both of us working in an environment of integrity and safety, essential for your recovery to remission path.

I'm currently available during office hours 9 am - 4 pm Monday to Friday when not in Appointments. My time zone is Brisbane, Australia. Click here for time zone calculations.

My greatest joy is working with you to achieve your goals and having you come into a deeper understanding and connection to your authentic self to Heal from Complex Ptsd.

I look forward to walking with you.

Blessings and dreams,


Please note: Currency is $US, other currency's are listed in each appointment type.

 How to Book Multiple Sessions



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