When the Memories Return

Have you experienced this also? I was told I imagined it and made it all up, that the therapist I was seeing at the time put it all in my mind. Uh hu, that's why I remembered all about it BEFORE I sought out a therapist.


Having repressed memories is NOT easy. When they arrive it's like someone runs a bus through your entire life, the pain is immense. Then on the other hand, so much of life begins to make sense.


My memories didn't surface until a year after the birth of my 3rd child. From a trauma perspective, the information we now know, this is a quite normal thing to occur. Especially when we parent far differently to our parents.


Loving on all my kids it was so hard to comprehend why the inside of me wasn't fully reflecting how I felt as an adult. I loved my husband, my kids, our home, my small home business and life was good.


No one makes this up. Well, let me rephrase that comment. No one who's sane makes this stuff up. There's plenty of people running around who say things like this and threaten all manner of things, but they are not healthy individuals. They like to play games.


And why? Why would I make something like this up when my life, for me, was going well. Trust me, the fallout from the toxic stuff coming up is not something anyone would consciously choose to go through.


I look at my life now, and I have peace. Peace and joy in my home, with my adult kids, great friendships and relationships a healthy community and wonderful friends around the globe. My life is larger than back then, but it's all because I'm not afraid to keep showing up to the intergenerational toxicity that got handed down.


Thank you to all of you who show up for me too. The feeling of love and appreciation is mutual.

Blessings and dreams,
Linda xo

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