Trauma: Beyond Procrastination

When you’ve experienced trauma procrastination is experienced in a different manner. We hold onto perfectionism in the hope that there will be no more trauma, no more pain or heartache. However, in order to break free from procrastination, we need to identify when we are thinking we need to do things perfectly. Get messy at home and make mistakes. There’s more love, life and laughter in the mistakes than in trying to be perfectly safe.
Yes, our brain runs around on automatic pilot until we become conscious that we are acting in this manner. Anxiety is high every time we try something new because of the brains “must act with safety in mind” hair trigger. The good news is if you break tasks down you’ll be able to identify when you’re stopping and trying to do things perfectly instead of motivating yourself to just get in and get it done.
Always begin the day with what you need done at home, your essentials. Make a brief list of essentials i.e. dishes, shower, meals and put the times you want to accomplish these things next to them on your list. This will help you begin to track time more effectively.
Yes, absolutely, when you’re brain is in trauma time goes by and you can easily not get these essential activities fit into your day. Hence the need for the time frames. Having times for the essentials will help you realise when you get distracted from carrying them out.
Initially, you may not realise you’re being distracted, but if the activities aren’t being completed then you are indeed getting distracted. Don’t worry, this is normal when your brain is in trauma mode. What you can do is begin to note down the things that you get distracted by. Not to give yourself a hard time, simply so you can teach yourself to identify a distraction. Once identified as a distraction you’ll then be able to choose what you’re going to do.
Overcoming Trauma Brain is doable over time. The choice you make is do I start today or continue to wait. This time next month can look different if you choose to act with consistency.

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