The Brightest Part of Our Light

Do you find yourself digging through the layers of your anxiety and/or depression and wondering if you’ll ever reach the end of the digging? I understand, I’ve been there too. The good news is, we do reach the end and the light within us shines brighter than ever, we feel complete, whole, nourished and ready to step into the next part of our life.
Our light is eternal so there’s no end to it. We do keep acknowledging our layers and revealing more and more light to the world. Many call our light different names depending on their spiritual pathway. Nothing can deny the strength that comes from our inner life, you can’t fake it day in and day out, especially if we have mental health challenges.
We need to keep digging out the dark roots that try and smother our light, the life force, our human spirit, our holy spirit, and let that flood our entire being. The strength that comes from within this light conquers all things we need to conquer in this lifetime. Good thing it never runs out!
If you were to think about where you’re at revealing your light into this world how are you doing today? Do you need to kick a bad attitude to the kerb, perhaps get a grip on your overwhelming emotions or is anger driving people away from you? Tough questions that we need to observe in our day to day life and make the necessary changes.
Having others around us helps us see how our behaviour is impacting them and perhaps the core of what we need to change within us. It’s like having open heart surgery in your day to day life. If we never let anyone in or recognise that we’re not letting people in, we’ll never open our hearts and learn to trust again, to experience joy again and have an overwhelming sense of wellbeing for the rest of our lives.
Build your awareness around opening your heart up to soul healing. You’ve got this and life can indeed come to be a precious gift we express gratitude for on a daily basis. Have you been grateful today that you have a life?

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