Taking Responsibility



Last night I got real, with myself. I've been doing Trauma Informed Movement long enough to have experienced it's benefits, and how without it, my focus goes downhill.

It was getting super late, and I have a 5am start. As I sat watching Netflix part of me realised I was self sabotaging. Making excuses, actually, accessing my vault of prepared reasons. No, excuses.

I can't get up at 5am because I went to bed late. I can't do T.I.M. I don't have time, I need the sleep. Yadda, yadda, yadda. We've all got our own variations of "reasons" erm, excuses, why we don't take care of ourselves first.

So, I said enough. I want my life back. I went to bed after midnight, set my mindset to I'm getting up at 5am and doing my Trauma Informed Movement, and I'm going to get on with the day.

And I did. I'm not prepared to let trauma keep disconnecting me from my dreams. And it does. The pattern is mobilisation, disconnect, engagement. My aim is to remove the disconnect forever, one conscious step at a time.

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