Suicide 2/2

In the darkest hours, of the longest night, there is still light. It may be hard to perceive at first. You haven’t found it lately, and it doesn’t feel like you’re going to locate it any time soon. However, there’s no dispute, it’s there. Where? I hear you ask. Where is my light, my hope and the strength I need to never back off?

It’s actually you. You are a light that someone else needs to see, a light that is needed here, now, today. You’ve not been told this before, you never looked before, the world dumped a load of junk on you, but the truth is you have a light inside of you that once located, you’ll do what it takes to make it shine brighter and brighter for the rest of your life.

The catch is it’s not found by looking into you, although an examination of our lives never goes astray, you’re going to actually see your light when you start helping others. It can be as simple as deciding to smile at everyone today, noticing that someone needs a hand, sitting in chat rooms on the internet and helping someone else with their journey, finding the joy in your surroundings, simply beginning to notice life around you. It matters not where your focus begins, as long as you begin to focus outside of yourself.

This journey called life was never going to be easy, after all, as it’s been noted, we’re not getting out alive… Just one choice, once a day, to change the focus to the world around you, life outside of you, will set you on a path of change, towards impacting the world that needs you here. Is it easy? No. But that’s the wrong question. Is it worth it? Yes. Every single day you draw breath is worth it.

And always, always, always remember, Our Father is as close as the air we breathe, we only ever need to choose to stop, and become aware of Him.

Blessings and dreams,


A resource for when you feel suicidal (includes phone numbers and chat rooms) –


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