Stop. Breathe.

Stop! The chaos multiplies when you don’t stop to breathe and be fully present in this moment. Now. Breathe. Look around. Breathe. In this moment what do you need? STOP.  No, no negative, eye-rolling thoughts. Breathe. What do you need right here, right now? Good. Go and get it for you and get everyone at home on board that you need it now. Teamwork. Training them all for an effective life.

Things to ponder:

  1. What is it that keeps you going down the same thought process? Can you identify the stress starting point? Quite literally the emotional, mental or physical challenge that triggers you each day?
  2. When you can recognise the trigger point it’s time to slow right down in that moment and become fully present in the moment.
  3. Once fully present observe. Say nothing. Just observe what is happening around you and let go of any need to determine the outcome.
  4. As you let go of any need to determine the outcome, and yes, even if it does mean you can see a better way to do things, become aware that you actually have peace within you.

Blessings and dreams!



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