Rebuilding Your Heart

Trauma is heart breaking, there’s no avoiding this fact. Our brain is rewired to look for safety in every aspect of our life, anxiety kicks in when we dare to do something different and we acquire a real sense that we need to shut the world out. Why? Because the trauma is so overwhelming we figure if we can’t figure it out how can anyone else?
When we think about our heart it’s the centre of all things pertaining to love. Our heart beats faster when we connect with those we love, our emotions are riding sky high with new love, and our hearts are filled with grief when we lose a loved one. It’s the very centre of all emotional experiences and the memories we create along life’s pathway.
And so when we experience trauma we shut our hearts down from the world as the burden, the pain becomes too overwhelming. We do this as adults and as children who experience trauma. Our whole sensory system becomes overloaded, our body overwhelmed with the physical reality of deep pain, our brain kicks into safety mode and our heart beat slows as we attempt to come to grips with life.
I feel your pain as it courses through your entire being. I understand that your brain is challenged to process any understanding out of it and that your heart is crying out for real life answers and authentic ways to process your trauma. Rebuilding your heart is doable one day at a time, getting your brain off the safety trigger thereby reducing your anxiety is also achievable one step at a time, and your desire to realise a fulfilling life, to heal and to contribute back into the world can definitely be accomplished.
“A broken heart heals when we allow the healing to go as deep as the wound went.” @bethmoorelpm

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