Outrageous Womanhood

We can feel so lonely at times. Appearing to walk through this world strong and confident yet inside of us tells a different story. Holding onto so many challenges that life has thrown at us whilst we persevere through another day. Yet, we instinctively know there is more to our life than what we can currently see.

Quietly, with persistence, we look for the real answers that will give us insight and passion to change our circumstances, all the while afraid to touch the pain inside of us. This pain we mull over for hours before sleep comes, finally, in the early hours of the morning. Only to see us wake more tired than we were the night before. Sigh.

Like a mouse on a never ending treadmill, we automatically haul our tired body out of bed and see to everyone and everything before we think of ourselves. We automatic believe if we do everyone first somehow a wedge in time will miraculously appear! Gosh, we have all so been here.

Then, when this miraculous wedge of time appears, we fall down exhausted and catch a quick nap. The good news is we can change this up, turn it around and rebuild our inner life to reflect our outer life. Together we can.

I loved this photo, a bunch of banana's all different shades, symbolic of all of us doing life together in different shades throughout our day to day life. The truth is we are connected deeply and need to let our sameness, our inner love and power shine forth, and then we change the world, together, daily. Our perceived differences then join together like the inner workings of clock, all different but all playing a role. 

If you're ready to uncover your inner light and shine come and join other Outrageous Women who's inner desire is to make a difference. Follow the link and let's get your journey moving today.

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