Notes on The View

I was watching a show at lunchtime today. A very compassionate man, who was already married and had 2 kids donated his sperm to help infertile couples. His wife knew his heart so she had zero problem with him helping others.

The laws changed in Victoria in recent years to where donors and offspring can make contact. They never used to be able too. He left a note on the file of his philosophy "You can never cross the ocean until you have the courage to lose sight of the shore" in the hope that he'd inspire any kids to find him.

Watching the show and seeing the love and compassion flow through all these amazing people who connected into a very diverse family it got me thinking. With my mental health challenges do I stop and think about where I need to lose sight of the shore?

Do I ever assess my life and begin to risk it all for a new life? Am I on repeat and haven't found the door into curiosity, compassion, commitment to growth and the willingness to leave what was known for the uncertainty of the unknown?

If I'm brave enough to choose the uncertainty of the unknown I'll be embracing the mystery of life, not the certainty of what was. I'll get creative about my life. I'm looking forward to the creativity.

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