Notes On Letting Go

Last week was so physically challenging with the release of preverbal emotions. It never ceases to amaze me what we hold onto unconsciously in our body's, in our minds. This week the challenge is to begin to identify and let go of the parts of me that have been operating for decades due to being separated from my mother.
I also did some research today. I started with researching about letting go. I've been aware for some time that letting go meant I move increasingly into the plan and purpose for my life. However, with last weeks revelations, I also did some research on anxiety, attachment and relationships.
It's going to be a daily journey of putting language around my emotions, of recognising when I'm sabotaging myself all in order to create a framework my brain can work with, can understand, and allow me to move forward with an increasing sense of a secure self.
I love this definition of SELF: the system that organises our experience. Too often I hear people spouting off that if you pay any attention to your self awareness then you're just self centred. They mean it in the most impolite manner. However, applying this definition to Cptsd with the understanding that trauma creates disorder in the natural order of the brain, you can begin to see WHY it's necessary we pursue an awareness and understanding of SELF.
Without it we cannot add structure to our day nor can we reparent ourselves and increase our brain health! I most definitely am paying attention to my internal systems and adjusting and reordering them to further increase not just my brain health but also my overall health, my emotional health and my ability to work more often than not.
Last time I worked for 10 days straight I was ill for 3 months straight. I won't be going down those roads again! The more we learn about trauma and it's impact on our brain and our internal systems the greater we see the need for the education to be spread far and wide.
May you also pay close attention to your SELF and begin the journey of reclaiming your life, from the inside out!

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