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Life is A Beautiful Mess

by Linda Meredith

Life is A Beautiful Mess

by Linda Meredith

Facebook Memories: Love them or Hate them, they can be truly helpful in our Complex Trauma Recovery to Remission path. This one popped into my newsfeed today and I got such a shock at how far I'd come since this post. And there's been one very key ingredient to make all of what I'm about to share with happen.

Here's the Facebook memory. Feel welcome to skip over it and to the main part of the post. 

Rebuilding your heart from CPstd. Never easy, always worth it. I pushed myself this morning to go to the gym. Sounds inspiring, but I really go and use the exercise bike. I tried to change it up and fell in a hole. My brain literally can’t focus on healing if I try to do too many different exercises.

So the gym bike it is. And here’s the thing. The intensity of what I do on that bike doesn’t matter, it’s consistency that's winning the battle to reclaim my brain. My brain is exhausted from me adding a bit of work to set up my business. I did 2 marketing interviews yesterday, so today even after sleep, my brain feels shattered.

But I pushed myself to go knowing I’ve got two interviews today as well. Before I pushed myself out of bed I debated heavily with myself should I go or should I just accept I’m stuffed? Yes, a good old tennis match occurred in my brain as to whether I had what it takes to get out of bed and to the gym! lol

I decided I’d win the tennis match and push myself, and I’m so glad I did. My brain fog is still there, but I feel so much better within myself. No doubt after interview one I’ll eat and sleep before the next interview. And that’s okay. This whole exercise in healing my brain is teaching me that I have to be the one who pushes or new neural pathways won’t be created.

If you thought about one thing today where you could take one step and push yourself, push your comfort zone what would it be? Then get Nike all over your one thing and do it!


I read this post from last year and was shocked. Looking back I can always see how unwell I was, the struggle, and my willingness to keep going even when I couldn't see any results at all.

Last August many things began to turn around as I began my Certification as a Complex Trauma Recovery Coach. I got hold of all the information on Neurobiology I could inside and outside of the online school room, and began to put so many pieces of the puzzle together.

I developed Trauma Informed Movement © and have made it free to everyone because it works. Without it I would not continue to become more well neurologically. I qualified as a Trauma Recovery Coach and now see clients all over this amazing globe. Plus now have begun the Complex Trauma Academy putting together all the work that returned me to life. 

Today a mum who suffers just like I did, with teenagers just like I had, told me they watch my facebook live with their teenagers so they can understand her challenges and to learn that there is no need to be a victim in life. I just about shed tears of joy all over my keyboard. This is life. #togetherwecan

Blessings and dreams,


Linda xo 

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  • Your memory post looks very familiar. It is one I started following when I heard the message. I don’t always hear what’s said to me right away but it eventually happens when I’m least expecting it. I will attest to everything Linda said. Not because I heard the message but because I did the message. It turned into being all she said and more.

    I was in another recovery program for 37 years but there was a big part of recovery that I still needed. It wasn’t available until six years ago. I didn’t find it until I was diagnosed with cptsd last year. I joined this group the beginning part of this year. I tend to walk my path in my own time frame. I think we all do.

    Well, it has turned out to be just what I needed to open the door for me to finally heal. It would take everything I had within me to do the work I would need to do.

    I soon found out I had joined a group created by a woman who was determined to fight for her life in spite of the obstacles she had to overcome. I was about to embark on a new beginning that would uncover my authentic self. I not only joined the group but I joined the Trauma Informed Movement program that was just starting up. Again, I was unaware that this program would not only change me from the inside out but it would change how I lived and navigated my entire life.

    Remember, I had already been in recovery for 36 years at the time. So with that in mind, I decided to make a commitment to myself to do this and follow through with it like I had done in the other recovery program. I continued watching Linda do the work and share her struggles and accomplishments with the group and that motivated me to do the same. Before long I began changing in ways I never thought possible. I kept paying attention and following direction struggling myself but also having positive results even though I’m sure it wasn’t apparent at first.

    It wasn’t easy and I had a lot of work to do to get the results I was a witness to everyday. It is true that it does work if you work it. I still have much to learn but such is life. Everyday is a process of taking in information and using what works and discarding what doesn’t. I’m definitely a work in progress today and I’m not done with me. I can’t do this by myself. I will always need the love and support from the people who have been where I have. Those who have gone before me, those who walk beside me and those who need me to be an example to become a better version of themselves. I can say today that I am happy and have experienced joy even though I’ve been through the darkest times anyone should ever have to face. It’s been worth the effort.

    Diana Zinz on

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