Krazy, Kaotic Monday


#complexptsd and Monday morning goals don't really go together! It's been a crazy, chaotic morning where I had every intention of being at least 2 hours into my website reorganisation this morning. And not one keystroke has happened towards that reorganisation. Damn!

So I thought stuff it, I need a laugh! I actually wanted an overlay that was a picture of the chaos in my head, but hey, I don't think anyone's managed an overlay yet that could visualise that lack of executive functioning. 

Being aware that my Amygdala is larger than my Prefrontal Cortex i.e. the emotional centre takes precedence over the logic/planning centre has helped me immensely. I'm working towards teaching my brain to put order first. I adore order! Meanwhile though, when things get chaotic I take a breather, a break, from what I'm doing in order to regroup.

Today's break involved moving the washing (which I'd completely forgotten about) to the dryer, grabbing the next cup of coffee & cream and a tasty cheese stick.

Literally breathing space from the chaos which creates upset because I can't focus or put things in the order I want them to be in. For now, the website can wait. I'm going to write up my next essay on the neurology and biology in my brain so I can tick another completed goal off my list. Oh, that's right, I completely forgot, I hadn't made my list for today to help me remain comfortably focused! 

Time for the list, so I feel comfortable and then my brain can go about creating new neural pathways. 

Here's to a productive week ahead. There's also a new video uploaded "Shrinking the Inner Critic" based on Pete Walker's work. 

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