Keeping Secrets and Suppressing Information


For too many years I had the habit of suppressing my thoughts and emotions and pretending that everything was okay, that everything would be okay, eventually.

Adverse Childhood Experiences teach us to keep thoughts, emotions and events secret. The catch is talking about them doesn't free us as adults. Healthy strategies and doing recovery together, be it in a group or with a health care professional, is what begins to set us free.

Science now shows us how talk therapy isn't the answer. How many people do you know who've been in talk therapy for years with minimal to no change in their lives? Bessel is right, it takes a tonne of courage to risk taking the first step to be the pioneer in our family.

To be the one who charts a different course for generations to come. To be the one who risks it all to change their health. To be the one who risks it all on one step that we have no evidence that it will work.

That's how I felt when I first began to be able to get out of bed. There was no evidence I'd ever walk, talk, regain memories, be able to work, again. None. My attitude was I'd rather risk it all then spend another moment in this sameness.

Do you need to begin risking it all to change up your life? Are there areas in your life you want more focus? Can you see how as an adult you can create and design a life beyond what you've ever known or experienced? Are you willing to keep trying and never give up - on you?

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