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I Dare You…

  I Dare You…. to read this post and place the principles in place twice a day for a week… […]


by Linda Meredith

I Dare You…

by Linda Meredith


I Dare You…. to read this post and place the principles in place twice a day for a week…

Being inspired by those who’ve walked the hard roads before us is one of life’s greatest gifts. Taking the next step and putting into place the principles they used to turn their life around and make it a success is the bonus. Yesterday I listened to one such inspiring individual. He went from “woe is me” i.e. hating that his wife couldn’t cook and gave him zero affection, continually failing a big rig driving test, and working at a job he hated, to his wife becoming incredibly affectionate, passing his big rig driving test and gaining a new job. (Note: the quality of cooking didn’t change, but his attitude to it did!)

Okay, here’s the principle. Become aware of how negative you feel and give praise for it. So, quite literally, verbalise out loud everything that you feel negative about into a praise format. What the speaker did was begin with being real about his emotions. “God, I give you praise for my wife’s bad cooking, God I praise you for my wife’s lack of affection, Lord I praise you for failing my big rig driving test, Lord I praise you for my lack of a job I enjoy.” Remember, hold onto the principle.

Personally, I began the praise journey the moment I returned home and here’s what I’ve discovered. Having come through life events for decades that were mega challenging I have a super strong mind. Okay, that’s healthy in that I’m primarily upbeat and positive. The negative can be that my strength can come at the expense of denying how I feel. Considering our heart is the gateway to our soul/spirit, the very life force within us, closing off our heart space is not healthy for our body.

Last night I didn’t feel much like examining any possible adverse emotions, let alone praising out those that I discovered. I had already reaped the benefits from the afternoon’s praise and was feeling pretty good! That said, I’m prepared to own I’ve got a journey ahead of me to change my habits. So, I got real with myself. I examined my heart and gave praise for everything I’m facing. We cannot deny we have challenges. The result was this morning I woke up to the sensation of a happy glow within me. I was shocked and surprised, to say the least. Less than 24 hours of praise and things are shifting!

The challenge this week is to become aware of my self-talk down to the simplest things and give recognition and praise for every negative feeling. To make it super simple here’s one from this morning. “Lord, I give praise that I hate doing these dishes.” Yes, real, honest and valid. This simple exercise is beginning to validate every emotion. I do laugh at myself with how simple some of these negative emotions seem to be. The bigger picture, the principle to be established is to know and validate myself more and give praise in every single situation, so that when complex situations arise, I have already created the habit of giving praise.

Let’s do this dare together! I dare you to begin validating your negative emotions with praise twice a day, and see what changes you discover within you a week from now.

Blessings and dreams,


Practical Steps to Take for Effective Praising the Negative

  1. Stop. Take a moment to just breathe
  2. Write down every negative emotion you are feeling (see list below for assistance)
  3. Slow your breathing down and feel one emotion at a time
  4. As you feel the one emotion say “I give praise for feeling …….” and let the feeling go from your heart area.
  5. Repeat step 4 until your list is complete.
  6. Move on to the next thing in your day.

Personally I’m noticing changes each day, a dear friend who normally struggles with repetitive negativity is doing this exercise with great success, and 2 clients have found this exercise highly effective as well. You’re more than welcome to comment below your experience.

Please Note: This exercise is NOT to deny your emotions, thereby closing your heart. The exercise is to give you practical assistance in identifying your emotions AND working with them in a healthy manner. i.e. not hurting the ones we love because we are hurting.



Image Source – Empathetic Image




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