I am Safe to Move my Body

Circumstances over the weekend sent my whole nervous system into Hypovigilance initially, i.e. falling into a dead as sleep for hours, then into Hypervigilance, i.e. staying awake for hours on end.

I realised when my nervous system reacts this way, that's okay, I'm in training to turn it around. I then understood if I used the affirmation "I am safe to move my body" and took some long, slow deep breaths I'd be able to move my body out of the freeze response.

Once my mind was clear of the chemical response the first thing I did was go to gym, then do some TIM. I was so happy! Once upon a time being triggered so extensively over a 2 day period would have meant I couldn't do anything for a week, literally.

The dissociation would have been too hard to shift out of on my own. Having done TIM for a few months now I've developed the awareness that I am safe to move, and I am safe to move even when my autonomic nervous system is in freeze mode.

 I came to understand I may not get to be in charge just yet of how or when my automatic alarm responds to triggers, but I do get to be in charge of how I recognise the freeze response and retrain my entire internal system. Turning the freeze response around takes time and effort, it takes making conscious choices, the good news is I will be able to achieve this goal.


Happy Dance!

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