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by Linda Meredith


Getting Our Brave On!

by Linda Meredith

Getting Our Brave On!

by Linda Meredith


Do you mind if I be very real and raw? When we get our certifications it's the most wonderful feeling, the amazing achievement we've done. We hang up our shingle for the world, open our door, and over time begin to wonder, then worry, why people aren't making their way through our very open door. We ALL go through this experience.

THEN, those of us with an enquiring mind begin to look for answers, real answers. Trust me when I say there's a tonne of people who believe they've got answers, and they haven't. I've tried quite a few.

The first part we have to address is within ourselves, our internal selves. We need to be real, raw and honest with ourselves, with our mentor, coach, whoever we've got in our lives that's helping us, and own how we feel about all this. No glazing it over with positive thinking b/s. Cause that's exactly what it is, b/s. If nothing else in our lives Complex Trauma takes us out of reality, and we have to put our brave on and call ourselves on our b/s. We also have to have compassion for ourselves because we literally don't know the way through this new journey, we have to be WILLING to learn it.

Complex Trauma comes with overwhelming amounts of unconscious fear, for us and for potential clients. For me, if I wasn't prepared to learn how to have a conversation with a potential client then I wasn't going to have a business. I have to be willing to learn all the things I don't know for my business OR go back to paid employment i.e. I have to be very real with myself about my willingness and capabilities to learn the many facets I don't know about my business.

And here's what I discovered about my business, my self and the choices I had to make. Business will take around 5 years to fully reach its potential. I had to ask myself am I willing to stick it out this long? My own business will take extraordinary amounts of time, so am I willing to forgo other elements of life in order to have my own business? I had to be real, raw and honest with myself. What others see in my journey now, I began over 4 years ago to build. I completed my counselling diploma just over 4 years ago, and my Trauma Recovery Certification this year. I started doing FB Lives over a year ago. Never compare your journey to anyone because we don't know how long it's been going on for behind the scenes.

This year I learnt how to have the conversations with potential clients and more. I signed a client for 3 months by learning how to have the conversation and putting on my brave. Scared the living daylights out of me if we're honest, but we don't feel courage before we do things, we feel courage AFTER we do things. I spend my days doing things that terrify me, literally, but it's the only way through what was done to me in childhood.

I know it sucks that it isn't easy, truly, I do. I've personally had those 2 year old temper tantrums as an adult. You know the one where you just want to stamp your feet in frustration?! Yep. It happens here too. The question then becomes am I willing to have my temper tantrum and pick myself up and ask the question "where to from here?" All of us are warriors, truly. We have strength that defies any kind of "norm" out there in the world. Anything we have to face, learn and do in our own businesses is nothing compared to the hell on earth we lived through as kids. Nothing.

The question then becomes are you ready? Are you ready to learn another part of your business? What part do you need to learn? And are you willing to focus on just one part to nail it and make results begin to happen? 

For those who are ready and willing to learn about the conversations we need to have to gain clients, then go to this group, I'm not affiliated with it in any way shape or form, and today he released the script for how to have the sales conversations. Put your brave on, and learn. If you've got kids, have them sit with you and they can learn too.

Blessings and dreams



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