Doing Battle with Depression

The last few days, okay 5 days, have been super challenging. Saturday the good old depression trigger went off in my brain. You know when you wake up and literally can't move your body? Yep, that trigger.

So, I had to sleep whether I liked it or not. NOT! When I woke up I was able to move so off to gym I went. Next, off to my bestie's in home party with some lovely girls. I'd completely forgotten that I hadn't eaten.... as you do...

Today's Wednesday, and my brain is still recovering from the depression trigger. None of the mental health recovery journey is easy, it's just worth it. I'm beginning to see the pattern that when I push to do more, it feels like my brain pushes back, and says "no, not today girlfriend!"

I've news for my brain and all the unknown triggers that nail my backside to a bed or lounge chair. This will NOT be my life. And nor will it have to be anyone else's life. We've got this and we will continue to recover no matter what.

Blessings and dreams,

Linda xo

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