Do It Afraid

I cannot emphasise enough how true this is for coming through anxiety. Perspiration dripping off me, just about not breathing, gut-clenching anxiety riddling each part of my body making me feel like everyone could see how crippled with fear I was, I began to make a stand. Slowly. But a stand nevertheless.

Initially, I had to have someone go outside with me, but once it happened often enough that I had a step by step plan imprinted in my brain, I began to take steps to do it on my own. For example, I’d have a carer with me for shopping.

Whilst shopping I’d make a mental note of where everything was in the shop, I’d pace out the distance in my mind of the shop, and so much more until I felt that I could remember where things were and how long trips would take me.

Admittedly, I felt like I was going to die the first time I tried on my own. Truly. Your feet feel like every footstep is walking through cement, your arms feel so heavy trying to lift them, your mind is on instant trigger survival mode and so on.

I came to understand I was driven to succeed, to be an overcomer, and it didn’t matter how hard it was, I was determined to succeed. One slow, heavy, heart thumping, dripping wet, paralysing footstep at a time.

You can too. And we’ll cheer you every step of the way!



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