Did the Narcissist Ever Really Love Me? Part 1/2


Tentatively glancing over your shoulder you examine the broken pieces of your relationship. You feel broken, raw, confused and depleted. Your home has changed, day to day life no longer feels familiar, you pause and ask yourself “What happened?” Too exhausted to ponder on more words the presence of grief springs from your eyes, slowly cascading down your face and you begin to wonder how on earth will you recover?

When you love so deeply and with a complete commitment the way through this indescribable pain is to very gently begin to examine just one piece at a time. This will take greater courage than anything you’ve done so far in life because you’re actually looking at the pieces of a broken dream. It’s not an examination of who’s right and who’s wrong as that is as subjective as we are all unique individuals doing life together.

Part of your examination of the pieces of your broken dream will include areas in your life you want to develop, and it will also include an examination of the type of individual you were devoted to. Why? The answer to both examinations brings a greater awareness of your life, of the choices you will have when you’re ready for a future relationship.

Information about Narcissism is freely available all over the internet, thankfully. The challenge is when you’re a soul with deep love and empathy to be able to wrap your mind around the fact that some individuals just haven’t reached the part of their life where they include their heart in the same manner you do.

Your challenge is to be able to wrap your head around this concept in order to break free from a relationship that is never going to be healthy. Part 2 of this post is an article I found a number of years ago. I printed it out and read it every single night before bed, the time when it’s loneliest after a relationship breakup. This helped remind me that going back wasn’t an option if I wanted one day to have a healthy relationship.

I suggest you have it handy too. The least it will do is remind you that you have a choice to go back or to pursue a new dream.  A dream where you and yours can live a healthy, safe and loving life, narcissist free.

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