Depression: Anxiety's SideKick

Frodo and Sam, Batman and Robyn, Shrek and Donkey all famous leading characters and their sidekicks. Did you ever notice it’s the sidekicks that have the emotional fortitude when the going gets tough? 

I’ve come to view Depression as a sidekick. Anxiety and panic attacks use to run wild, leading the charge into the day. Having dealt with them effectively Depression is now making an appearance, and it’s strength requires daily charges into courage.

Years ago my doctor said to me that Anxiety and Depression went hand in hand. I scoffed. Nope, not me, I know who I am, even why I’m here, no depression for me. Just help me with these crippling panic attacks and I’ll be all good …. said me ever so naively.

Can I just say that the freeze we experience from Childhood Developmental Trauma is very, very real. I’ve not worked out the Neurobiology of how it’s linked into the Depression as yet, but I will. Science doesn’t have it worked out yet, so I’ll not overthink it.

Meanwhile, every day I’m showing up with an abundance of courage to rewire my neurobiology, my plastic brain, and I’m going to win this battle. I’m happy that today I can actually feel the freeze effect in my body. That’s great inroads and I’ll take every win and keep adding it to the victory pile. You know, just for the days when courage needs a rest.

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