Complex Ptsd and Relationships

Relationships & Complex Ptsd: There's nothing easy about relationships. They're great but they become great through working hard together. One of the core ingredients with recovery is learning about relationships and their ingredients.
Why? As children, we did not have healthy relationships modelled to us plus over the decades we've had more information added to our lives via the internet that can help us in the future to have healthier and happier relationships. Provided we are equipped to do so.
Life is a learning field. And we need to learn about each other to understand each other more deeply. Great marriages include this ingredient. The willingness to know and understand each other and how life's events then impact each other plus our relationship.
Both people have to be willing to do the hard work. One person cannot carry the other person for years and it not have an impact. We're not perfect, but when couples move together towards common goals, relationships are worth every moment.
Yes, I've been divorced twice. I wish it wasn't so. As a young child I looked back through my family and saw so many generations of divorce on both sides, it's crazy! It was the one thing I set out to never have happen in my life because as a child of divorce I've experienced how cruel it can be for many, many reasons.
IF, and that's a big IF at this stage, I ever got married again I'm determined to understand as much as possible before I do. I once said over 7 years ago that I'd never marry again, ever. It was crazy. However, I've seen how healthy marriages are conducted. I'm fortunate to be surrounded by people with healthy marriages and know people who work through life's challenges, together.
To that end I'm going to share with you a variety of information on relationships over time PLUS how we as people who are working recovery from Complex Ptsd can work towards understanding our role too. If you'd like any information please don't hesitate to ask. We're the first generation with the information to create new, healthier pathways for all.
Blessings and dreams,

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