Changing the Direction of our Emotions

Have you ever thought about how your emotions are literally energy in motion? Yes, they come with a whole bunch of feelings too! Think about when you feel on top of the world, it propels you forward! You have energy to burn and when you feel just awful there’s no energy to do anything except sleep.

Coming through trauma can feel like you have to push to discover every ounce of energy you’ve perhaps hidden away. Not true, we need to be in the business of creating new energy in motion for ourselves. Build habits that make you feel good and therefore lead to you doing more.

If depression, anxiety and/or Ptsd are overwhelming and crushing your spirit sit quietly and explore what you feel like doing to improve your emotions. Yes, physically, any form of body movement will help you. However, think outside the square about activities to help you increase healthier thoughts, simple actions that will make you feel better, and include a habit of spiritual practice to increase your inner wellbeing.

I like to meditate at the beginning of each day for focus on what I am going to do for the day. Building the energy, the emotion, the feelings of what the day will feel like if I achieve positive results can carry me through the entire day. It also creates a focal point for me to return to when I get interrupted throughout the day.

Yes, this can all mean changes that trauma challenges want you to believe are too hard to implement, but here’s the reality, we have a choice today to begin creating our new day, our new tomorrow, or we can stay the same and let trauma brain rule over the remainder of our lives. What do you want to choose today for your tomorrow?

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