Changing Directions for Men

We welcome Men in our group as we ALL need healing, all need that connection to recover. Often our men are our silent watchers as they learn by walking with us, and I wholeheartedly encourage all contributions by men.
Men have tried to rip every part of me into pieces but that doesn't mean ALL men are like this. The more I've traversed the single life the more I see how men and women need each other to heal through the pain that the very fact we are alive brings to our doorstep.
Men need to know we are strong and soft, and women need to know men are strong and soft. If it's the last thing I do on earth it'll be to spread this understanding far and wide. We all NEED each other, sharing loving kindness, compassion and understanding, even in places where we simply don't understand.
Along my journey, unhealthy men have helped me to heal through their mistreatment of me. I took the incidents that happened and got professional help to understand why it happened. And if you've been abused as a child this deep awareness is necessary so that we can recognise the pain before it happens.
I'm now in the space where men help me to heal, men help me to grow stronger, men help me to grow into my power, men help me take action and men are gentle with me. It's a joy filled place to be in, to the point I shed tears at times and wonder how life got to be this beautiful.
Those who know my story are aware it'd be understandable if I never to spoke to a male again. Just last year I was date raped repeatedly. Could life possibly get any worse? At the time I didn't think so.
Again, I immediately went for professional help. Then I found what I've been researching for forever. If you've watched the 2 videos I've made on Sexual Abuse you'll understand. This will never happen to me again.
Once I understood what was happening for me I changed my life around. To the point, I spoke up at the gym when 2 men treated me like a piece of meat. And this happens to men too. Men are sexually abused, men are stripped of their power and understanding and it's hard to come by someone who's prepared to sit with them simply because of how we've raised men to date.
We must raise our sons differently. We must be the parents who force communication with our children, our teenagers, when they need it, whether they like it or not. My sons will agree with me wholeheartedly as they can talk about how they feel and their challenges because as I parent I stood up and said "no more."
I challenge you to do your inner work, seek the healing your soul and your spirit cry out for whether with a therapist or a coach or alternative practitioner i.e. acupuncture. Don't waste your life waiting, you are the director and creator of what will happen next year. Next year starts today.
Blessings and dreams,

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