Beyond the Darkness

When I’m overloaded with darkness, feeling unworthy and unloved, it’s time to pick up my crown and remember precisely who’s child I AM. The darkness cannot win when we remember we are a chosen child of the living Christ. He has answers we haven’t even thought of yet. In a relationship with Him we find our unique, personal answers for our lives. Seek Him at all times. Pray without ceasing for your answers. You are loved, you are worthy and you are the light to many.

Prayer: Father, you see me in this darkness, this void. You hear my monkey thoughts, my mixed emotions. Only you have the way forward for me. Father, please wrap your arms around me. Help me Lord to see your light and the way forward. Just for today. Your love keeps me focused on the necessary and I can leave everything else for today. I pray Father for your guidance in this moment. Amen.




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