Anxiety and Mapping

I remember the days when anxiety wasn’t even a word in our everyday society. Who knew that going to work for the first day could trigger a migraine so severe you couldn’t make it all the way home. We didn’t know nor understand the signs or symptoms, we literally had no language around what was happening inside of us.⁣
⁣Nor were we aware of triggers. My daughter and I were talking this afternoon about how we need to know the layout of wherever we are going, what we are going to do in this place, how we are going to “be” in this place and more, in order that we don’t feel anxious. Or in today’s language, so that the chance of being triggered into an anxiety attack is minimal.⁣
⁣We know this in us, we know it intrinsically, no one has ever had to tell us to do this, we live it. Nor had we ever discussed this before today. We were both on the same page and understand we didn’t choose this, no one would. I’ve done extensive integration of my thoughts, emotions and physical yet I still need to do the mapping when going somewhere new.⁣
⁣Do you find you have to do this mapping as well? Does another friend or family member do this mapping? Does it help you?⁣

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