Anger & Decisions

Angry words brimmed on the tips of my lips, my heart began to overfill with frustration, I had zero control over mistakes made by others. What to do?

Decision time. Decision made. Do everything I can then let the anger go.

Speak with a kindness that I don't feel, knowing the emotions will catch up with my actions. Then rest in the knowledge that all is well in my world, despite what it may seem like at this moment. 

Faith and trust that all will work together for my good in the long term. Short vision over this moment will not ensure a good return. Time will tell how this all unfolds. I simply need to remember that I serve a God greater than my today.

Prayer: Father I come into your presence today knowing I have no control. I pray for the spirit of self-discipline to be evident in my life when I feel out of control. I pray the kindness of my heart shines brighter than my thoughts. May I always remember you’ve got this, no matter the circumstances. That my entire life is a testimony to your goodness. I thank you for my life. Amen.




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