5 Benefits of Having Faith

Faith, by definition, is a complete confidence or complete trust in someone or something.

Are you a person of faith? Have you quantified in whom or what your complete trust is placed? Personally, having faith in anything didn’t come package delivered to my family of origin. My family could be a tad cynical about most things. Having faith in anyone, was again, overridden by the family cynicism. My personal spiritual quest had to first overcome this heritage that there was more to life than I could see, then proceed to evolve through many stages to where I could learn to place my absolute trust in Jesus through having a personal relationship with Him.

The 5 benefits of having faith include, but aren’t limited to:

  1. Peace –

Have you experienced the utter chaos of life with Mental Health Challenges? You know, those days where you literally feel like you cannot get out of bed, or the mega stress of kids needing urgent attention in the middle of your priorities or perhaps the experience of having a panic attack in the middle of the shops, and the only thing you can do is run for your car? Yes, yes I’ve been there too. Wanting to die a thousand deaths as sweat dripped down my face and people looked at me wondering “what’s wrong with her” but too afraid to ask. After all, why would someone be perspiring in an air-conditioned supermarket?

Through faith, I’ve been able to learn peace. A peace that surpasses all understanding abides in my heart and it’s a rare day now that I’m breaking out in even a minor sweat. Peace gives my heart the knowledge that no matter the circumstances I am experiencing, I am safe. A genuine sense of safety floods my being as peace enters my heart.

  1. Love –

I used to associate love only with the heart. I definitely had not connected love to faith. I discovered when combining love and faith a powerful tool is created and produces healing at a soul level. Believing (having faith) whatever I needed to know to recover from trauma could be done through pursuing faith (trusting in Jesus) led me to a deeper space of love in my heart. Trauma and hardships have the potential to leave us with a hardened heart, where we choose to not let anyone into our deeper self or into any other life experiences through fear of being hurt or traumatised even more.

Pursuing faith brings a soul-deep awareness and answers to the trauma, pain, and hardships, and begins to change our hearts into a position of greater love and compassion, not just for ourselves but also for others needing more love.

  1. Healing –

Mental Health Challenges require periods of healing and recovery. Throughout each period of time, if we have faith that answers will come at the right time, as Jesus leads the way, He will provide healing we cannot do on our own. I can’t tell you how many endless hours, years I spent pursuing a variety of healing methods without much success. I did gain a greater understanding of the soul and spirit, but true, permanent healing, healing for things that I didn’t even know needed restoring came with having faith that all would happen in the right timing.

The timing I discovered wasn’t just about healing from the trauma for myself. It involved healing that would permeate my entire family. I experienced that it is impossible to fully heal without being faith-focused on Jesus first, not myself, and He will do what I cannot do.

  1. Hope –

Coming through the recovery process for trauma and hardships, I began searching for answers that made all the pieces of my life come together. I discovered when my hope is in Jesus it’s in a man who lived, predicted his own death and resurrection and accomplished it. Hope fills my heart with a sense of trust, to the point that irrespective of the daily circumstances I’m facing I can, not only conquer them, I can also become aware of new doors opening.

New doors create new life; build new experiences, enabling me to move out of my life that was solely trauma-based. Without hope, I would live believing there is nothing I could do to change anything in my life.

  1. Direction –

The best way to understand how faith gives direction is to think about how often events in life repeat. I found the easiest way to recognise this cycle is by acknowledging drama, and those who like to live in it, repeatedly. Incorporating faith with direction, we gain insight and wisdom as to why the repeat button keeps getting hit and enabling us to make different choices.

I discovered I was able to meditate and discern what would happen five steps after making a decision before I made the decision. Seeing five steps ahead saved me from entering relationships where the outcome would wind up unhappily for both of us, and so much more.

Have you been able to see areas of your life where faith will benefit you?

What part of faith would you like to apply in an area of your life? Does it feel like it would take too much courage to apply faith OR do you want the repeat button to stop enough that you’re prepared to try something new? I encourage you wholeheartedly to aim for faith and never let go. The peace that surpasses all understanding can be yours.



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