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Individual Consultations

Complex PTSD can unknowingly pervade every facet of our lives.

Relationships breakdown, sleep never happens, anxiety appears seemingly out of nowhere, depression hovers constantly leaving us wondering if we can have a life with peace, sleep, clarity and trust with a healthy relationship. 

The good news is yes, we can. 

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Strategies for Success

Complex Ptsd recovery is multifaceted.

Effective strategies save you both time and money. Come and join the Trauma Informed Movement class  as we rewire our brain and create neural pathways, implement a new Strategy for Success and connect with like minded individuals aiming for their best life. 

Commitment, Consistency, Connection.

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Complex Trauma Recovery FB Groups

Complex Ptsd Recovery Group

A highly engaged & supportive community for walking through Complex PTSD/PTSD with Global Friendships &  Learning Units include Educational Videos and Articles plus daily live videos for information and sharing. #togetherwecan

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Awakening Your Soul

Who am I? Why am I here? How do I know what I believe, can I see my patterns and recognise chaos? I need to understand how to go within and regain my feeling of vitality and not feel like there's a hole in the middle of me.

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Awakening Your Soul

Blog posts

Complex Ptsd and Relationships

Complex Ptsd and Relationships

Relationships & Complex Ptsd: There's nothing easy about relationships. They're great but they become great through working hard together. On...
Complex Ptsd: Shutdown

Complex Ptsd: Shutdown

When peeling an onion have you ever noticed that the layers contain more layers? I found this a challenge in my younger because I never knew wh...
Boundaries, Challenges & Change

Boundaries, Challenges & Change

    One of our greatest challenges with Complex Ptsd is teaching ourselves where we need boundaries, where we need to say no, and when we need to...
Notes On Letting Go

Notes On Letting Go

Last week was so physically challenging with the release of preverbal emotions. It never ceases to amaze me what we hold onto unconsciously in...
Notes on Accessing the Emotional Brain

Notes on Accessing the Emotional Brain

     This made me feel like I have a final link in my chain of understanding why I've had to pursue understanding myself internally. Sometimes ...
Notes on The 5 Love Languages

Notes on The 5 Love Languages

The 5 Love Languages ~ What works for you?   Have you heard of the 5 Love Languages? The book of the same name authored by Gary Chapman was origina...


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"Thank you so much for posting, I've learned more from 25 minutes of this woman than all the years of therapy that I've had combined, since diagnosis. I went through a 6 week program on PTSD, did nothing. No, that's not true, it confused me even more. Made it worse in a way. I am obsessed enough about my recovery that I was able to maintain my attention until the end and understand what you were saying! (I also suffer ADHD). I have no doubts my recovery will be going a lot faster now because of you! I've saved your video and plan to watch it a few more times. Your analogies were perfect in explanation, for me. So, thank you again."

B.L. Franklin, T.N.

Linda is not only patient and caring but she approaches the whole mental health with grace. She makes you feel validated, that you have worth. I wish I had her when I was a teen because she’s exactly who I’ve been looking for my entire life to reach out to. Highly recommend her to anyone looking for help. She helps find resources for you as well, which is huge. Know that you are not alone.

S.G. Ontario, Canada

Linda is a wonderful person who knows what she is doing. When I first started my journey with her two and half years ago I was so crippled with anxiety and fear that I was unable to leave my house alone. Just to even step out onto the porch I was crippled with fear and having anxiety attacks.

Now I am able to do almost anything I want and even though I still have some anxiety I know how to cope with it. Linda has gave me the tools and most importantly has taught me to believe that I can do anything that I want to do. Linda has and is always there for me and she will be there for you too.

J.L. Illnois, U.S.

Linda is absolutely brilliant!! She helps you look at what is going on in your life from a viewpoint that makes you realize you can tackle the issue at hand. She is always there to lend an ear and give positive feedback. She is a true asset to all of those that have come to know her

L.H. Port Saint Lucie, Florida

You were more helpful than the therapist my ex-husband and I went to years ago before we divorced. Thank you so much for this! <3 

Dawn C. Middlesex, NJ

Linda is great at challenging me to stretch and grow. This year I have done some driving trips in spite of anxiety and really benefited from overcoming. She has good insights as to what our subconscious mind is dealing with and is a great encourager

K.M-C Tamworth, Australia

I live in Illinois, USA and I have been in contact with Linda as a therapist via Zoom for three weeks now and she is wonderful. I would have never dreamed of finding someone literally clear across the other side of the globe from me, but I have, and it has been so great.

I can honestly say that I feel better after talking with Linda. Keep doing a great job and being the wonderful person you are.

J.L-S, Chicago, Illinois

Linda is an excellent trauma recovery coach and she will have you feeling better after you talk with her. At least I do. So if you are feeling blue and are depressed and need someone to talk to send her a message. You will not be disappointed.

H.F. via FB

Hi everyone, Linda is a fantastic person and easy to talk to and the others in the group are gorgeous people. So if you ever feel you need to talk to someone this is the place to go and there is no judgement whatsoever so please don't hesitate xx

K. E-N, Campbelltown, Australia
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